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Our Story

Know all about our company

Our group have been in the Hospitality Business since 2000 and has carved its name across Kerala for quality, tasty foods and superior customer service.

We have ventured into Ready to cook, Health Mix and Baby food products to bring in cooking convenience ensuring retension of natural Aroma and Taste without losing the nutritional contents and freshness.

As per our Great IndianCulture Families treat having Great Indian food as a means of family bonding,sharing,caring and happiness.We have taken utmost care to instill this culture in all our endeavors so that we proudly say our Food products are Made with Love and Goodness. We have spent considerable amount of time in R&D in developing fresh, natural and tasty food and has set up a state of the art world class facility food processing unit using latest technology and imported machinery.

We have been successful in developing products which are natural, fresh, nutritious with authentic homely taste without any added colours or preservatives. We strictly follow all safety and hygiene by introducing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) following the guidelines of ISO and FSSAI standards.

We love food and all our products are Made with Love and Goodness…


To provide healthy, nutritious and fresh ready to cook, health mix and baby food products with excellent taste following high standards of quality and safety guidelines with latest technology in domestic and international market.


To provide high quality food products to customers by maintaining authenticity and taste abiding by our core values-Integrity, Team work, Innovation and Respect.

Contract Manufacturing:

We have world class state of the art facility food processing unit which follows Quality Management standard.

The facility is equipped with fully automated production unit, Bubble washer,Spinner, Low Temperature Dryer, Steamer,Grinder, Roaster,Sifter,packaging machine,metal detector strictly following food safety norms. The machineries are selected to ensure no loss of product nutritional values.

We have a Quality management team uncompromisingly monitoring food safety,sensory and shelf life consistently.

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