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Why Gif

​All Our Products Are Made With Love And Goodness

We have been successful in developing products which are natural, fresh, nutritious with authentic homely taste without any added colours or preservatives. We strictly follow all safety and hygiene by introducing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & GHP (Good Hygiene Practice) following the guidelines of ISO and FSSAI standards.

We love food and all our products are Made with Love and Goodness…

Food Safety Norms

  • Careful selection of Raw Material

  • Clean and Hygiene Environment

  • Separate store for Raw and processed products

  • Food at safe temperature

  • Safe and clean water

Quality Norms

  • First quality hand-picked raw materials

  • Zero preservatives and colours

  • Nutritious content retained

  • Quality Management Team

Home style cooking

  • Experienced Chef specialized in each product

  • Professional Food Tasters qualify each batch

  • Fresh products being sourced daily

  • Organic products used mostly

  • Delicious

  • Centralizedkitchen

World Class State of the art Food processing unit

  • Latest technology imported automated machines

  • Low Temperature drying – Products are dried at low temperature to retain the colour, flavor by ensuring no loss of volatile oils

  • Bubble Washer -The vegetables / fruits are cleaned through whirl / high pressure bubble generator to achieve intensively cleaning results.

  • Spinner-Removes water completely after washing without manual intervention

  • Pulveriser-Grinding of raw materials

  • Centralizedkitchen

  • Sifter-Used for ensure correct product quality by removing oversize materials

  • Roaster-For direct heating of raw materials to enhance the taste

  • Specialized Packing and Sealing Machine for airtight and moisture free

  • Metal Detectors to ensure complete safety of raw materials and finished products

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