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Our Products

We have been successful in developing products which are natural, nutritious with authentic homely taste without any added colours or preservatives. Sprouted are used in our foods to ensure better absorbtion of proteins, vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients. Raw materials are sourced directly from oraganically grown farms. We strictly follow all safety and hygiene protocols by introducing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & Global standards for food safety in line with ISO and FSSAI guidelines.


Ready-to-Cook Range

Taste. Natural... Convenience with no added colours or preservatives. Our Ready-to-Cook product range is ready in three simple steps too. One, two, three... See?

GIF Ready-to-Cook Foods


Superfoods Range

Sprouted millet based superfoods are rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients. They help control diabetes, anaemia and aids in weight loss; prevents skin from aging, reduces risk of colon cancer, improves heart health, stabilizes cholesterol level, protects bone health and relaxes the body. Superfood, Supergood!

GIF Ready-to-Cook Superfoods


Baby Food Range

At GIF we start being healthy very young. Our baby food line is nutritious and delicious, not to mention natural! Babies need grains, vegetables, fruits, and proteins. Wholesome and flavorful, our products are millet based with no added flavours or preservatives.

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